KEEFA products "Simply Food" are produced only from organic ingredients, which has been grown naturally in there own soil. They are pure and wholesome, free of GMOs or other additives. There has not been used  any pesticides to control pests and weeds. To get a good harvest, great work is being done, because only with organic farming methods we can get the ingredients with their natural color, taste and organic nutrition, and be as friendly as possible to nature in their cultivation!

The main ingredient of our products is Jerusalem artichoke/Sunroot – a vegetable rich in fibre, minerals and inulin.
The production process is organised so as to preserve the natural colour, flavour and nutritional value of the ingredients.


Pumpkin - the great autumn berry!  Behind its impressive size, there is an equally impressive benefit!
Pumpkin is not only giving a great taste in a variety of autumn recipes, it also provides with many valuable health benefits. High levels of potassium in the pumpkin, in contrast to high levels of sodium (edible salt) in the body, lowers blood pressure and keeps your heart rate within adequate limits, both during exercise for professional athletes and in general for any of us on a daily basis. Like all berries, pumpkin is rich in antioxidants. Pumpkin contains vitamin A, E, and beta-carotenes. 100 grams of pumpkin alone can provide 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin A and the full antioxidant portion that your body requires. 


Latvian rural beetroot contains a rich dose of nitrate and iron. Beet juice, with its increased upper nitrate saturation, has become the chosen product by many world-class athletes and other sports activity representatives. You wonder why? Nitrates are organic Nitrogen (N) and Oxygen (O) compounds found in the products people use for nutrition, as well as in many other places in nature. When intaking foods rich with nitrates, our body transforms them into Nitric Oxide, which then serves as "blood pressure regulator". Meaning that the blood pressure decreases and oxygen is being supplied to the actively used body parts.


This plant, not only adorns the edge of ones garden, but it also hides an additional value. Sunroot is one of the best sources of fiber due to the presence of oligo-saccharide inulin. Inulin gives jerusalem artichoke a sweet taste, but despite its sweetness, it does not cause insulin changes in the body. This means that sunroot is suitable for consumption by both diabetics and athletes. 
In addition, it is a great source of minerals and electrolytes. It contains iron, potassium, copper and even magnesium. Extremely rich in potassium, which is definitely useful for maintaining cardiovascular health.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away" - an old Welsh saying. Apple is a fruit of summer and autumn, growing within our latitude. Apples may not have the highest levels of minerals and vitamins, but its greatest value lies within the antioxidants and fluvanoids contained. Apples are especially rich in the antioxidant quercetin, which has proven itself in numerous medical studies as an excellent enemy of breast and prostate cancer, Alzheimer's disease and different  neurological diseases. It is not for nothing that the apple is described in the Bible, in fairy tales, and is also known as the fruit of youth and health. 


Root vegetable that is very well known within our latitude. Many of us, fore sure, remember how back in childhood grandma used to give carrots to keep healthy teeth and eyes. Most of all, the usefulness of a carrot for human consumption refers to its richness in vitamin A, which is directly related to the development and care of our eyesight.
Carrot containing vitamin A is also a natural skin health maintainer that prevents not only skin getting dry, but also its wrinkles and acne. 


The colour of this fruit already is telling us why it is worth noticing - a rich and natural source of vitamin C! Note that Simply Food products containing quince has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is the most important characteristic of this fruit. Quince contains more than 5 powerful antioxidants and more than 6 different "good” fatty acids, which regenerates cell membranes and eliminates toxins from our bodies. Therefore, quince is especially recommended for those who have increased daily physical or emotional pressure.


Magical and curative plant - its leaves, seeds and berries have been used by our ancestors in ancient folk medicine, as well as toady for the preparation of modern medicine. What really lies within the little dark berry?
Black currant contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps to prevent the general wellbeing. However, the main answer is in one small substance, called gamma-linolenic acid or GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). It is found in black currant nectar and a mixture of omega fatty acids in black currant seeds. Multiple scientific-clinical studies of the effects of black currants related to human immune system have revealed that this small gamma-linolenic acid is capable of telling our immune system to fight and overcome both viral diseases and bacterial inflammation.

Sea buckthorn

One can safely say that sea buckthorn is the most unique berry within our latitude. 
It contains up to 7 times more vitamin C than lemon, more than 15 high-value biologically active substances and provitamins A and E, which serve as powerful antioxidants.
Sea buckthorn provides us with valuable support for the body's immune system, metabolism, cardiovascular health, and hormonal stability. Berry juice contains omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, which naturally encapsulates all the vitamins and other active ingredients, so it could be used several months later after the juice has been produced.