Terms of service

Welcome to our online store!

Your favorite Simply Food products are now available in our online store!

Store terms:

1. Price for one product: 1.49 Eur. (VAT is inscluded)
2. Min order amount is 6 products
3. Delivery costs 3 Eur (ordering 6 to 11 products)
3. Ordering 12 products or more delivery is for free
3. Payment method: by bank transfer (prepay)

Product amount in one box - 6 gab.
You can add products to your shop basket by adding
+ 1 product. For example 7 pcs.,  8 pcs., 11 pcs., utt.

5. Product delivery is provided by Omniva services
Parcel terminal --> Parcel terminal
6. Delivery: Up to 2 - 3 days

How to order in KEEFA e - store?

1. Go to the section SHOP

-> , choose your Simply Food products;
2. Next step -> to shoping cart;

*You can change or add more products after you have selected your chosen products.
 To order products successfully you have to add aleast 6 products.

For exmaple:
Jerusalem artichoke, apple and balckcurrant puree 180g - 2 pcs.
Jerusalem artichoke, apple and raspberry puree 180g - 1 pcs.
Jerusalem artichoke, carrot and starwberry puree 180g - 3 pcs.

3. Next step -> Next;

4. Fill in the necessary inormation for the Omniva to succsessfully deliver the procucts to the most convenient parcel terminal for you

For example:

Name: Janis
Surname: Kalnins
E - mail:
Phone: 22002200

5. Next stelp -> Next;

6. Fill in the necessary inormation, in which parcel terminal you would like to pick ap the products

For example:

Country: LV
Region: Riga
Parcel terminal: Parcel terminal of Riga international station

7. Next step -> Next;

Ordery summary.

When you have filled in information:

Next step -> Create and order;

9. Choose to make payment for Simply Food products:
9.1. Online payment, using bank card

10. After payment in your E -mail you will recieve order aproovment, where you can look after your order execution.

Thank you for choosing our products!